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Cali Girl and Mega Dancer Sarah Braverman Talks…

From the Royal Academy of Dance under the amazing direction of JoAnna Jarvis and Bernadette Hill, this wow-factor dancer completed all her exams up to advanced II with distinction. In 2006, (the same year that Elizabeth Barry & Associates was created) Sarah became a founding member of the NYC based modern company AM Dance Project. Oh yes, and she’s from Marymount folks… yeah, they do tend to send off the best dancers, don’t they? All hail Katie Langan!

With a glance at her photos and btw, she totally hooked it up Lois Greenfield style…, Miss Sarah Braverman is a joy to share because she’s the type of artist that you’re glad you have in your NEXT GEN family. We interviewed her to give you the input from the mind of Sarah. Dive in…

Why parsons over other companies? What is it about Parsons? I became interested in Parsons when I was in college. The company set a piece at my school (Marymount Manhattan College, NYC) which I auditioned for and danced in. I knew of the company and knew I liked the style, but once I got to perform one of their works I really got hooked. Parsons is a really good fit for me because it is classical dance with a flair. I love the work for its ability to be performative and thoughtful as well as entertaining and physical. I really enjoy a physical challenge and this work gives it to me. Parsons is known for the choreography allowing the dancers to connect with the audience, and for its dancers having fun with each other on stage. The energy is contagious and I wanted to be a part of that.

How does one get to be a soloist in a respectable company? I imagine its different everywhere. I think all dancers realize that it’s good to be in a room with people better than you. People that inspire you. So in that regard, becoming a soloist means entering into a job like a sponge. Taking as much knoweldge from the senior members as possible. Both on the road and on the stage. Its trying to find the healthy balance of respect and competition. As well as showing up everyday eager to be better.

What are your dreams with your future of dance? I really would love to try everything. Its like there is not enough time! I’m a firm believer however, in taking all I can from an experience. Until I feel Ive gotten all I can from one project its not time to move on to the next. I would love to work more in the concert dance, in different movement styles, explore different realms of that world. See if I could give Broadway a try later. At one point Im looking forward to coming out to LA and working in the more commercial world of dance. Anything that intrigues me really!

Do you have any recent funny stories to share about dancing? I love live dance and live performance because of the risk you take every

night. It has been a source of a lot of funny stories over the years. On long tours we’ll do silly things to keep morale up. Parsons is small, just ten of us who are like a family. A family that messes with each other from time to time! A recent favorite is when one of the dancers painted eye balls onto his eyelids and didn’t tell anyone. Eventually as each person partnered with him, he would close his eyes and these big eye balls would stare back at you! That was one of the loudest laughs I’ve ever let out on stage! Thankfully it worked with the piece!

In your spare time what do you like to do? What spare time? I spend as much time with my friends and family as possible. I love to cook with my girlfriends and listen to music. I read a lot, work out and love to go out!

What advice do you have for aspiring next gen dancers? Do what you love. (AHHH!!! SHE SAID IT! YOU SEE, OUR MOTTO ROCKS!) Remember that you havent picked an easy career. You picked it because you love it. Its important to remember how lucky we are to feel passionate and proud about what we do. Its a good reminder when you’re tired and sore and cant imagine doing it all over again tomorrow!

What advice do you have for dance fans out there in our audience? Please keep coming to support! The art world is so important, we have to keep it alive.

Well, by gollly miss thang, we LOVE your words and you said our motto even before we announced it. Thanks for being SO NEXT GEN. Rock it out. Please share this article with every modern dance and Sarah Braverman (and Marymount Manhattan and Parsons) fan you know!

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